West Kirby Hearing Care Specialist

West Kirby Hearing Care Specialist

Are you struggling with socialising, listening to the TV and music or using the telephone? Don’t suffer unnecessarily; let us help you to hear better today. Visit Harris Opticians for a free hearing test.


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Hearing tests in West Kirby

Many people experience hearing loss, particularly as they grow older. It can be a distressing experience, with a range of consequences for our daily lives. If you're suffering hearing loss, then it might be time to book a hearing test. It can quickly identify the cause of your problem, and help you find the right solution. The friendly, experienced team at Harris Opticians can help you get your hearing back on track

Harris Opticians have been serving West Kirby and the people of the Wirral for 30 years. We're located just a 1-minute walk from West Kirby train station, a couple of doors up from the famous Marigold's Chip Shop.

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Stay Hearing Well

Wax removal in West Kirby

Wax build-up in the ear canal is one of the main causes of hearing loss. Removing ear wax is a simple process that can have a positive impact on your quality of life.


If you're a hearing aid user, or have a particular issue with ear wax an annual check-up can make all the difference.

Hearing Tests For All Ages

Why Book A Free Hearing Test?

There's no need to suffer hearing loss alone.

A free hearing test can identify the cause of your problem, and help you regain your lost quality of life. Our experienced hearing care professional, Graham Roberts, will determine the cause of the deterioration, and then look at possible solutions.

If you require a hearing aid, we have an extensive range to choose from, including invisible and rechargeable options. Hearing aids from Harris Opticians come complete with up to a 5-year warranty and lifetime aftercare, helping you keep your hearing aid in excellent condition for years to come.

Why not book a hearing test today?