Carefree vision with contact lenses

Most prescriptions can be fitted with some type of contact lens. Contact lens technology is progressing all the time, so if you have previously been told you are unsuitable for lenses, get in touch with us as there are constant improvements in materials and the prescriptions for which they are available. 


Harris Opticians deal with all of the leading contact lens manufacturers and have access to a wide selection of contact lens designs and materials.


Contact lens wearers require regular check ups in addition to routine eye examinations. We recommend an annual contact lens assessment to check the health of your eyes and the fit and comfort of your lenses are the best they can be.


Wearing contact lens for the first time

If you are new to contact lenses, our optometrists will carry out a thorough contact lens examination. During your appointment we’ll discuss lifestyle factors that will impact the type of lens we recommend, such as how often you intend to wear your lenses and whether you enjoy sports or an active lifestyle for example. 


We’ll guide you through the fitting and aftercare process then you will be given the opportunity to trial your new contact lenses. After this trial is over, our optometrist will check the fit of the lenses and your vision in a final assessment. 


We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding contact lenses. We also have a scheme in place to reorder your lenses for you at a competitive price.

Eye Examination

Eye Examination

We take meticulous care of our patients with personalised eye tests that are tailored to the individual. We do not rush our appointments and our priority is to take the greatest care of your eyes. 

Childrens Eyecare

Children's Eyecare

As children grow, their eyes change and their vision develops. It is important to have your child’s eyesight checked on a regular basis as poor eyesight can affect their behaviour and education, for example, being unable to see the board at school.